At Yarrunga Primary School we aim to develop our students to become well-rounded individuals who will succeed in their further education and in their adult lives. 

As a primary school, we strive to use technology as a tool to support teaching and learning at all stages of education and across all areas of our curriculum. 

Our ICT program allows our students to interact confidently in imaginative learning and makes teaching and learning more effective and engaging. 

Our school has implemented the iPad and laptop learning programs, which provide our students from Foundation through to Grade 6 with experience in using a variety of technologies, applications and operating systems. Teachers actively demonstrate and use the latest technology as we strive to create active 21stCentury Learners with the skills needed for the future workforce. In 2018, we are moving towards providing an iPad for every student.

Our staff strive to integrate ICT into their teaching as an engaging and interactive way to communicate learning and development to our students. We have found that the integrated use of ICT improves our student’s achievement levels, inspires creative thinking and encourages the development of skills to be applied to future learning.  

By encouraging our students to interact with technology, we allow them to explore, observe, engage, solve problems and make exciting discoveries for themselves. ICT use provides an opportunity for collaboration and interaction amongst their peers and compliments their traditional literacy and numeracy education.