Our School


To all Parents and carers;

Thank you for your interest in Yarrunga Primary School. I am proud to be the principal here at Yarrunga PS, a school which has a strong community spirit and a commitment to providing the best possible education for all our children. Underpinning all we do at Yarrunga PS is a strong sense of purpose. As we make every decision, we continually ask ourselves and each other the most important questions—how will this help the students? Some of our latest changes to enhance the school for students have been the purchasing of our iPads, the beautification of our courtyard and the introduction of Lego Robotics to teach technology and programming skills.

Yarrunga PS is an exceptionally well-resourced school who is able to provide personalised learning opportunities for all students. Our dedicated classroom teachers strive to create a bright, happy and engaging classroom and provide work that is stimulating, tailored to individuals and helps students make connections, and learn and grow on a daily basis.

We have a commitment to ensuring all our students achieve the highest levels of reading and writing possible. As well as classroom teachers, we have qualified teachers who work as Literacy Specialists, working with small groups and individuals to support them to learn and retain the fundamentals as well as provide extension to high-flying students. I look forward to continuing to work hard for your children to ensure Yarrunga PS provides the best education to local students.

Ms Frances Waterman