Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program at Yarrunga Primary School allows our students, volunteers, teachers and parents to work together to develop an understanding of food, it’s growth and sustainability.

Led by our kitchen specialist Mrs Danielle Giglio, our aim as a school is to develop lifelong healthier eating habits in our students by having them grow, harvest, prepare and share delicious and healthy food.

All students from Foundation through to Grade 6 participate in the program,  enjoying the kitchen and garden sessions integrated into their classroom learning.

The program is designed to develop our students and their knowledge in a variety of areas including:

  • Learning the origins of food and its growth
  • Benefits of a healthy diet on all facets of health and well-being
  • Awareness of different foods, dishes, cuisines and cultures
  • Application of their maths knowledge to measure and weigh ingredients
  • Working as a team to follow recipes
  • Development of greater self-confidence
  • Expand their awareness of the environment, sustainability and plant diversity

This week in the kitchen we are cooking: Pancakes!