At Yarrunga Primary school we have three key values we instil in all of our students:

At Yarrunga Primary School we teach children what our values are. We teach what they look like and what they sound like.

Each term we have different values we focus on teaching our students.

Term 1:
All About Me –
What are our Values?
Looking at our Values Matrix
What is being a Learner?
Resilience and Bounce Back strategies

Term 2:
Getting Along
What to do when things go wrong
Solving Problems

Term 3:
Being Respectful
Courage and Positive Thinking

Term 4:
Making Good Choices
Emotional intelligence

Our school has developed policies and procedures that aim to keep children safe. The standards will provide a framework to identify gaps and improve policy and practices around child safety.

At Yarrunga Primary School we believe that our Child Safe Policy and Code of Conduct enable for the monitoring of risk and risk management.

– Mrs Danielle Giglio, Well-Being Leader, and Mrs Robyn Clarke, Welfare Leading Teacher.